We understand that privacy is important in hotels and other tourism properties, as well as in designing a peaceful working environment in offices. If you need acoustic wall panels to soundproof a room or improve sound quality in your establishment, work with Design Ambience Inc. We supply high-quality acoustic panels, acoustic tiles, and sound baffles for commercial properties.

Many hotels and office chains choose us because of our quality products and excellent after sales service. With the right acoustic treatment, you can balance the elements in a property, minimize noise, and achieve a higher level of privacy for your customers or workers.

Talk to one of our consultants and discuss the requirements of your project. We are happy to assist you in measuring the area and finding the right acoustic products.

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  • A comprehensive “Imagine, Develop, Create” design process for every product
  • Top-rate products from internationally renowned companies/manufacturers
  • Customized products to suit various applications and requirements
  • A team of professionals to help you from start to finish
  • A better understanding of customer’s journey, customer experience, and customer care
  • Excellent after sales service
  • The preferred brand for hospitality and office establishments

Design Ambience has served the needs of the best of the best developers in the country for both hospitality and commercial spaces for over a decade.

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