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Floor Sensse by Design Ambience

Floor finishing and flooring material technology have evolved a lot through the years.  But you can’t beat the classics – and wood is a classic.  Wood flooring is feels elegant, natural and enduring.  And while natural wood flooring still comes with all the upkeep, today’s wood flooring solutions and wood floor finishes don’t have to.

Because our most discriminating clients have asked for it, we decided to source the best technology to deliver Floor Sensse – Design Ambience’s modern wood flooring solutions that deliver all the luxury of wood flooring without the upkeep.


The Floor Sensse Collection – Wooden Flooring and Finishing

In order to deliver a superior product to the market that captures the look and feel of wooden floors, We created the Floor Sensse Collection.  The engineers of Design Ambience wanted to create a solution that captured 2 primary concepts:  aesthetics and wooden elegance, and ease of maintenance.  From this vision, we created the Floor Sensse Collection:

  • The Engineered Collection
  • The Luxury Vinyl Collection

Wood Flooring Technology in Every Floor Sensse Piece

Technology has gone a long way. While wood is without a doubt a classic, people tend to forget the upkeep that comes with natural hardwood floors. Thanks to modern technology, you can have wooden floors that are free from cupping, warping, and seasonal acclimation.

This is why the entire Floor Sensse collection is engineered. Engineered to be beautiful. Engineered to last. Engineered to be easy to maintain.

To achieve that, Floor Sensse was designed specifically to be a floating, click-type wood flooring solution.

The Engineered Wood Collection

Built with stability and a natural aesthetic in mind, our Engineered Wood Collection features a natural wood veneer at the top surface giving you the unique natural grain patterns of wood floors.

The secret to the stability of Floor Sensse Engineered Wood Floors is the engineering underneath. Beneath the veneer of natural wood are layers of wood that are overlaid in cross-hatched patterns. This makes the direction of the grain less uniform making the wood more stable and less susceptible to moisture, humidity and temperature changes.


Underneath the wooden surface is the engineered core composed of wooden material built for durability reinforcing the stability of the flooring panels themselves.  This material allows us to build each wood panel with interlocking grooves that when installed allow your floors to almost perpetually stay together seamlessly.  No glue, no nailing, no long, costly complicated installation.  One seamlessly beautiful natural wood floor.


It seems counter-intuitive when you equate stability to the word “floating.”  But floating wood floors are precisely that – stable.  The click-type technology allows the floors to cumulatively stabilize each other allowing the floor to float and stabilize simultaneously.  Supported by a properly evened sub-floor and the right underlay, Floor Sensse’s Engineered floating wood floors tend to be more stable than even hardwood floors.

Finishing Strong

All Floor Sensse Engineered Hardwood Floors come with a strong finish. We mean that literally. Each panel is finished with 8-10 passes of UV Coating giving it its unique surface protection. This finish compliments the natural temperature, humidity and moisture resistance built into the panels.

The Engineered Wood Flooring Gallery

Engineered wood can come in different types of wood from classics:

  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Cherry

It can also come in some of the more exotic wood species such as:

  • Brazillian Cherry
  • Kempas
  • Mahogany
  • Cypress
  • Acacia

The Luxury Vinyl Collection

If you’re need for durability and peace of mind strongly exceeds your need for the natural, then you may want to consider our Floor Sensse Luxury Vinyl Collection.

Built to prioritize durability and your peace of mind, the Luxury Vinyl collection sacrifices none of the aesthetics.  The panels come in dozens of grain patterns creating that unique overall wooden natural look. All Luxury Vinyl Wood Panels are texturized as well, allowing it to capture that natural wooden feel more authentically.

Core Strength

The secret of our Luxury Vinyl Floors is in the core.  Using proprietary manufacturing technology, we created a core that is semi flexible but highly durable allowing the floors to click-together and more importantly, stay together. 

What Floats Together, Stays Together

Engineered not just for aesthetics but for ease of maintenance and installation, the Luxury Vinyl Collection’s core is strong enough to allow the floors to click-type and float together.   The science behind our floating approach is similar to our Engineered Wood Floor philosophy.  Built right, and installed right, these floors are designed and engineered to last.  Built to possess all the benefits of wood flooring and none of the weaknesses, these floors are not susceptible to moisture, temperature or humidity.


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