Contract Wallpaper

As a complete interior finishing provider, Design Ambience also specializes in Contract Wallpaper.  We are a complete contract wallpaper supply chain solution from selection, sourcing, supply, delivery and installation.

Most hospitality spaces tend to combine 2 Contract Wallpaper Solutions:

  • Paper Contract Wallpaper
  • Vinyl Contract Wallpaper

Vinyl Contract Wallpaper

Vinyl is the modern material of choice for even premium hospitality spaces.  It is naturally resistant to contaminants, easy to maintain, and can render a look and feel limited only by your designer’s imagination.  There are several advantages to Design Ambience’s Vinyl Contract Wallpaper Solutions:

  • Ease of maintenance
    • Resistant to cleaning solutions
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Environmentally friendly
    • Low VOC during both manufacturing and installation
  • Has several designs that can help achieve a specific ambience
  • Nearing a deadline? Choose from our various On-Stock patterns for faster delivery

Paper Contract Wallpaper

Paper has been the traditional wallpaper of choice for residential spaces.  Due to the high traffic and occupancy of commercial and hospitality spaces, vinyl has gained clear advantages in the market.  However, Paper Contract Wallpaper has remained an attractive option.  Today it is more commonly used as accents complimenting Vinyl wallpapers.  The benefits to using Paper Contract wallpaper are:

  • Highly texturized – paper wallpapers are capable of achieving textures that can’t be achieved with Vinyl
  • High Accent Value – designers tend to prefer Paper Contract Wallpaper as accents to windows, pillars and other focal points
  • Luxury – Wallpaper is simply capable of achieving a luxurious look and feel that cannot be matched by any other interior wall finishing

Wallpaper Gallery

To help you appreciate the look that can be achieved by different types of Wallpaper, or a combination of Paper and Vinyl Wallpaper, we’ve created a Gallery for your appreciation.

  • Vinyl Contract Wallpaper Gallery
  • Paper Contract Wallpaper Gallery
  • Combination Wallpaper Gallery


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